2019-Present    PhD Candidate, Communication & Culture
York University, Toronto
Supervisor: Dr. David Cecchetto

2012-13           Master of Arts, Aural and Visual Cultures, First Class Distinction
Goldsmiths College, University of London
Dissertation title: The Crowded Mouth: Woman, Virtuosity and the Voice
Supervisor: Kodwo Eshun

2008-12           Bachelor of Arts, Art History (Major), English Literature, Communication Studies (Minors), Distinction
McGill University, Montreal


2022-23           SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship
2021-22           Ontario Graduate Scholarship
2020-21           Ontario Graduate Scholarship
2020                Ioan Davies Award
2019-20           York Graduate Scholarship
2012-13           Goldsmiths International Postgraduate Scholarship


Sound, gender, performance, critical theory, digital culture, contemporary art, communication, media history, visual cultures, music, cinema, popular culture.    


2021-22           Teaching Assistant, York University
Advertising: Media and the Development of Consumer Culture (COMN 3700); Advertising, Culture, and Society (COMN 3701)

2019-21           Teaching Assistant, York University
Introduction to Communication (COMN 1000)


2021                TA Certificate in Teaching (TACT), York University


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Guest Lecture. “Gendering Smart Technology.” COMN 3701: Advertising, Culture and Society. York University, Toronto, March 24, 2022.

Working Paper Presentation. “Voicing Neural Networks: AI in/as Performance.” X University Sound Studies Collective. X University, Toronto, December 3, 2021.

Guest Lecture. “Echoic Re-presencing: Towards A Feminist Media Archaeological Listening.” CMCT 6119: Contemporary Perspective on Sound. York University, Toronto, November 17, 2021.

Guest Lecture. “Voicing Siri and Alexa: AI, Labour and Performance.” ARTH 4610: The Senses in Art. York University, Toronto, September 29, 2021.


2018-2019       The Hydrocephalus Suite
Text and sound works exhibited online at (November 2018), included in group exhibitions I’m in the bath on all fours, toward blue water (my nose is bleeding) at Well Projects, Margate (April-May 2019), and the plumb, Toronto (July 2021).

2015-2018       Vital Plastics
Text published in The Happy Hypocrite, Vol.8, edited by Sofia Al-Maria (2015), 34-35; sound artwork included in HIGH ON TIME THE VOICE BOX HEAVED program, curated by SHELL LIKE at Artsadmin, London (2018). 

2015-16           Reading Matter
Program of collective, durational readings of avant-garde texts, co-curated with Fer Boyd at Five Years Gallery, London; text published in How to Read: Writing Groups. How to Write: Reading Groups, edited by Edward Dorrian. London: Public Series Editions (2016), 212-221.